Think of Mark Ward as your print and electronic Swiss Army design knife.

You need someone with multiple skills who is looking out for your vision, your goals, your needs; someone who will help you get you from Point A to Point B and beyond. You need someone who understands different disciplines, shows options and applies them to the task at hand. You may even want someone to ask you the bold question, “Um ... are you sure you want to do that?”

I'm your guy.

I provide value-based service to you as a client by not only meeting just print and electronic design needs, but also looking out for your future and how it will be reflected upon in the past. You'll be taken care of and it won't break the bank.

The quick tour:

{ About } is a ludicrous rambling about me and gives the closest thing to a resume. Actually it reads like an author's bio on a book dust jacket, but I'm ignoring that for now and would love it if you did so too.

{ Work } provides an extensive section showing you “not-so recent” work that I have been involved in. For more recent work, please e-mail me.

If you would like to stalk or just keep friendly tabs, I recommend checking out my { Instagram } feed. It is the antithesis of the normally private nature I try to be, but this is the 21st century and why be dull.


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